Latest Marta Rey Skin Care Treatment Totally A-Peeling!

Last Friday found me back in the soothing skin care treatment room at Marta Rey European and Clinical Skincare for my third treatment. My workouts during the week produced a lot of sweat and because I couldn’t cleanse my face immediately afterwards TROUBLE ensued in the form of 2 tiny face invaders! Marta knew exactly what to do to combat the unwanted visitors…a thorough cleansing, then a swift extraction to drain the swelled area. After close inspection Marta suggested we forego the Microdermabrasion and do my first chemical peel

Dealing With Disappointments

At some point in life you’re going to get hit with a major disappointment. It may be not making the cut on the school team, not getting into grad school, not getting the coveted internship, or not getting called back for the final round of interviews. Or it could be finding out that the one you love doesn’t love you, or your employer no longer finds you valuable, or you get that singular call from the Doctor that you feared but never really believe could happen to you.