Latest Marta Rey Skin Care Treatment Totally A-Peeling!

Last Friday found me back in the soothing skin care treatment room at Marta Rey European and Clinical Skincare for my third treatment.  My workouts during the week produced a lot of sweat and because I couldn’t cleanse my face immediately afterwards TROUBLE ensued in the form of 2 tiny face invaders! 

Marta knew exactly what to do to combat the unwanted visitors…a thorough cleansing, then a swift extraction to drain the swelled area.  After close inspection Marta suggested we forego the Microdermabrasion and do my first chemical peel.  Lucky for you because I promised I would blog about my next new skin care experience.  Micro Peels done at Marta Rey are customized according to what the client’s skin dictates.  Each persons skin has its own PH and characteristics and Marta Rey prescribes her treatment for each client.  In my case, a salicylic peel was used on my forehead area to combat oiliness while an anti-aging Jessner peel was used on the rest of my face to eliminate fine wrinkles.  But prior to either of those peels being applied to my skin Marta first used an enzyme peel to prepare my skin for the next level peel.

Marta explained what my skin would experience as the peel was carefully painted on my face. It had a distinct fragrance and tingle but nothing about the peel was uncomfortable.  I imagined it would hurt, or that my skin would look raw and red afterwards but not at all.

After the wonderful facial massage and steam hydration that followed the peel removal my skin appeared rested, even toned and line free.  

All in all, my latest Marta Rey skin care treatment was totally A-Peeling.

Latest Marta Rey Skin Care Treatment Totally A-Peeling!

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