Are there certain people/businesses that you intentionally try to refer on a consistent basis and why?

Have you been networking for a while now and can’t seem to figure out why you haven’t received any referrals yet? Do you feel a little lost or overwhelmed with the strategic networking model? Are you doing 1:1s, but feel like you are the one that is sharing all of the referrals? It really may […] Interviews Jeff Long

On the podcast this week, our guest is Jeff Long from Exit Row Productions. Jeff gives some great advice about using video in your business. Additionally, Jeff has produced a locally oriented show called Dayton Business Spotlight that showcases the best in Dayton area business. To listen to the show, slick on the link on […] Interviews Kurt McGlocklin

In this episode of the podcast, our guest is Kurt McGlocklin of AMG Digital Studios. Kurt has had a unique adventure in his long career in the television industry. He will share some excellent, hilarious stories as well as teach you a few things about video in this podcast. Kurt can be reached at […] Interviews Michael Ehrler

In this edition of the podcast, our guest is Michael Ehrler of The Growth Coach. You will be inspired and motivated by all of the insights that he has to offer. Michael can be reached at To listen to this podcast, click on the link on the left side of this page.