Fantastic Voyage

I’m constantly reminded that life is just one big Fantastic Voyage.  Things change on a dime and regardless of how much checking and re-checking one does, things large and small simply slip through the cracks.

I’m not too sure that this doesn’t happen on purpose to check ourselves.  What’s really important?  Is this issue do or die?  What will my life look like with or without this happening?

Last Saturday night at the American Red Cross “Putting on the Glitz” fundraiser, every models anticipated strut to Fantastic Voyage became a slow runway walk to an alternate music selection.  This model (me) adapted immediately to the alternate song and ambled down the runway smiling and concentrating on staying vertical.

Off stage, as I wind my way through the audience a local celebrity spots me and starts shouting to me that the Emcee announced me as a VP at my prior corporate position, not as the independent small business owner that I am today.  She was really honked off about it and made quite a scene on the spot which I found more embarrassing than the Emcee’s error!

Later I checked the program model Bio and it was correct, while the publicly announced Bio  was not, as previously stated.

It didn’t matter to me.  My Fantastic Voyage to small business owner, and Fashion Level sponsor of the event wasn’t dependent on one error by a well-meaning Emcee with old copy.
It wasn’t dependent on the music that was played during the fashion show either.

It’s in grabbing the joy of the moment and extracting that – and letting go of the small annoyances.

Wishing all a Fantastic Voyage –


Fantastic Voyage

Published by Danielle Deramo

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