Three years ago I let my hair go gray.  The sparkling strands that kept appearing tempted me to accept them.  Instead of color, I used shine and control products and a good occasional cut to keep a somewhat contemporary look.

Many people would compliment me on my gray hair.  And some even applauded me for my brave efforts at resisting the cost and maintenance of professional color application.  But there was 1 big objector to this.  And that objector happened to be my Mother.

She hated my gray, citing many reasons why I simply needed to submit to the process of color.  For one, I would look 20 years younger.  I was ‘too young’ to be gray, and I had the rest of my life to decide ‘much later’ to go that route.  But the most compelling reason that my Mother gave me for coloring my hair was that she loved me.  And that she would never tell me anything to hurt me.  And I know that to be true.

So upon my return to Ohio, I called my favorite hair dresser Cindy and she listened patiently while I reiterated the entire conversation with my Mother.  And she booked my appointment immediately, saying that I made her day.

My son Daniel accompanied me to the salon (he was the color model) and waited patiently while the transformation took place.

And when we were done a big smile crept across all 3 of our faces.

I must admit I walk with a bit more spring in my step.  I feel lighter and younger.  And I’m grateful to my Mother for loving me enough to make a suggestion that she knew would be met with resistance. 

So ‘hair we go again’ on the color wheel of life.  If you’re lucky enough to still have your Mother, and you trust her to have your best interest at heart, listen

Hair We Go Again!

Published by Danielle Deramo

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