Dealing With Disappointments

At some point in life you’re going to get hit with a major disappointment.  It may be not making the cut on the school team, not getting into grad school, not getting the coveted internship, or not getting called back for the final round of interviews.

Or it could be finding out that the one you love doesn’t love you, or your employer no longer finds you valuable, or you get that singular call from the Doctor that you feared but never really believe could happen to you.

Or you lose someone so dear to you that you just can’t breathe, and you wonder if it is possible to hurt any more than you do.

When these things happen reach for the closest person to you and hug them with all you’ve got.  Weep the tears that need to come, or run like there is no end to the path in front of you, move so that you can actually FEEL something, because if you sit still for too long you may become immobilized.

Look back to the time when you can’t remember being sad or disappointed, and try to imagine yourself that way again.  Because resiliency is what will get you through life.  It will keep you from becoming bitter, and you will recover from disappointments with remarkable grace.

Everyone believes in something – whatever your belief is hold on to it.  Pray for strength and for direction on a new path if that is what might need to happen.  Seek out new experiences, for they will enrich your life.

Disappointments come to everyone, as does joy.  Choose to focus on the joy. 

Dealing With Disappointments

Published by Danielle Deramo

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