I Met Marta, Now You Meet Marta! Microdermabrasion – Transforming & Painless!

Can I just say that plunking myself down next to the prettiest woman in the room at a business networking luncheon has turned out to be my great fortune? I’ve made a new business associate, wonderful new friend, and I’m getting younger looking by the day!

All my adult life I thought I took pretty decent care of the largest organ on my body…my skin. Aside from the occasional tanning bed, and laying out in the sun I made sure to slather on creams and lotions, not touch my face excessively, and get enough sleep each night so I wouldn’t frighten the neighbor kids the next day.

Turns out I know little to nothing about proper skin care – what it actually entails, what products to use on my face (each face has unique needs, who knew?), and the dramatic skin difference available to every woman and man who takes the time to self educate submitting to at least 90 luxurious minutes with Marta Rey, President and Owner of Marta Rey European and Clinical Skincare, who I affectionately dubbed “The Skin Doctor”.

In just one treatment my face responded so happily that it remained make-up free, blotch-free, toned and hydrated the rest of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE make-up, but after Marta’s signature Medi-Facial™ it just wasn’t necessary!

I had no idea what to experience, so I’m guessing you don’t either. (May I just state for the record that if you’ve had a facial on a cruise, or in a salon and spa- as wonderful as they may be – it is NOT even close).

I arrive for my treatment to Marta’s office in Centerville, Ohio located in a lovely facility with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (yes, I held my stomach in and pushed my boobs out on my way to Marta’s suite!). Marta does pre and post operative skin care treatments for patients as well- very necessary for best plastic surgery results.
(I make a note of this for when wobble neck appears- a girl can only take so much!).

I fill out my paperwork which describes any allergies, etc… and then I’m welcomed into Marta’s treatment room, given a soft white wrap to change into, and lay down on a comfortable table with white linens and a soft white blanket.

Marta examines my skin noticing where redness, sensitivity, large pores, and dead skin cells have accumulated (a lot!) and puts her customized treatment plan into action describing to me exactly what she wants to do, showing me the tools, and explaining what each step will accomplish and how it will feel. Once she gets my hair cap in place and I remove my dangling earrings we are off!

Since I am new to Microdermabrasion Marta shows me the Diamond Head tool (still encased in its protective packet) that will glide over my facial skin, loosening dead skin cells and sending them on their way through the attached tube never to be seen again. Everything is pristine, clean, and organized, and I am immediately comforted by Marta’s knowledge, professionalism, and warm personality.

Marta description of how Microdermabrasion feels is completely accurate –
To that of a cat licking you- and since I have a cat I know exactly the feeling, so no worries of pain! (If you don’t have a cat it feels like a soft emery board on the inside of your wrist. If you don’t have an emery board then I don’t know what to tell you!)

About ½ an hour later I’m asked to feel and compare both sides of my face; the ‘before’ side feels kind of like a lemon skin – slightly textured, uneven, and a bit pebbled. The ‘after’ side feels as smooth as an eggshell – I am not exaggerating. I am now beaming as not only is the Marta Rey Signature Medi-Facial™ experience pleasant – it works!

Once the Microdermabrasion is complete it is time for Marta to perform her extraction technique which has earned her the title among her clients as “Queen of Extraction” because she does it without it hurting in the least, making blackheads and whiteheads and any other offenders disappear in minutes. Then it is the application of aromatic essential oils and a facial massage that I can only describe as “tiny beings dancing on your face in a choreographed ballet”. I didn’t know such a form of facial massage even existed, let alone was offered in the Miami Valley!

Après massage a wonderful masque was painted on my face, eye pads placed, and I was left to rest quietly while the masque did its work. With soft music playing I took a little nap, enjoying the rest of my treatment time.

When Marta returned to the treatment room she removed the masque residue with a moistened and heated towel that smelled of fresh cut lemons. It was intoxicating.
With gentle toner, proper moisturizer for my skin type, eye cream, and a sunscreen with 25 SPF applied I was encouraged to take my first peek in the mirror.

The woman peering back at me had a huge smile on her face as she mumbled softly “I look changed”. I barely recognized myself – an unlined, clear, and radiant face.
The final part of my treatment was to listen to my post treatment advice from Marta. I was all ears.

Because Marta Rey European and Clinical Skincare operates with the philosophy of synergistic skincare- a customized consistent treatment plan and pharmaceutical grade American and European skin care products containing the best natural and scientifically proven ingredients work together to transform skin to look 5 to 10 years younger– my personal plan is as follows;

To accelerate my skin transformation progress it is recommended that my series of treatments be close together – roughly every other week- and Marta will determine which sessions will require Microdermabrasion and which will mandate a peel. My skin will reveal what happens when! The product line that I will use is Italian (just like me!) and is a simple, yet effective routine – Marta describes it as my ‘Ferrari’- cleanser, toner, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen. The product size is extremely generous and priced far more reasonably than the ‘miracle’ creams touted in the fashion magazines and on-line. Most importantly it works, and it’s not a ‘buy and forget to use it’ item, as Marta guides her clients throughout the series of skincare treatments in proper use of the products.

Another word on products, everything I had been using was wrong and my skin told the story why with redness, irritation, unevenness, etc…I could go on and on. I had no idea that was part of the problem, but Marta knew immediately. Good luck finding that level of expertise at the cosmetic counter.

My next report will consist of the next treatment that I will experience under Marta’s watchful eye and expert hand.

Until then I offer just one piece of sage advice… pick your seat at business networking luncheons carefully…it could transform you!

Age 51 … (okay, almost 52)
Owner of Just Say It! Danielle Deramo LLC

Contact Info To Meet Marta!
Marta Rey European and Clinical Skin Care
Marta is a recipient of the prestigious CIDESCO International Diploma, has over 25 years of study, and was just indoctrinated into the 2011 Presidential Who’s Who Among Business and Professional Achievers.


I Met Marta, Now You Meet Marta! Microdermabrasion – Transforming & Painless!

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