Microdermabrasion Week Two Results…still Glowing!

Hello there! Here in the States we have a day called April Fool’s Day – the 1st of April where people prank one another. I am happy to say I did NOT get pranked and so I will pay it forward by not pranking you.

I Met Marta, Now You Meet Marta! Microdermabrasion – Transforming & Painless!

Can I just say that plunking myself down next to the prettiest woman in the room at a business networking luncheon has turned out to be my great fortune? I’ve made a new business associate, wonderful new friend, and I’m getting younger looking by the day! All my adult life I thought I took pretty decent care of the largest organ on my body…my skin. Aside from the occasional tanning bed, and laying out in the sun I made sure to slather on creams and lotions, not touch my face excessively, and get enough sleep each night so I wouldn’t frighten the neighbor kids the next day