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Two Perspectives From Yesterday’s TEDx Dayton Event

Yesterday, our community experienced an event like no other when we had our very first TEDx Dayton event. This blog post is the perspective of two attendees out of the 900 that were there, Carlos Scarpero and Danielle Deramo. TEDxDayton –Danielle’s Perspective Where do I begin to convey the enormity of the day and experience? One eloquent from the heart…

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The Entrepreneur Manifesto

A person close to me recently said something that bothered me. They said, “You know, if you just went and got a real job instead of wasting your degree all these years, you would be a lot further in your career by now.” I thought about it for a minute, and I replied, “yeah, but I wouldn’t be happy.” And…

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The Success Cake

Success is like baking a cake.   It takes the right mix of ingredients and time to cook.   The problem is most people don’t know what kind of cake they are baking.   Or they change the recipe in the middle of baking.   Or they allow others to change their recipe for them.   Or they take it…

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This week’s guest is Clancy Cross from Development Beyond Learning. Clancy is a leadership development coach and shared some excellent ideas on how to be better leaders. He can be reached at or 937-308-7966. To listen to the replay, click on the podcast widget on the left side of this page.