There is a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat

I just love this quote today from the Napoleon Hill website. Read the quote and tell me your thoughts… There is a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat. There is no such thing as failure, unless it is accepted as such. Every defeat is temporary unless you give up and allow it to become […] Interviews The Minimalists

In this episode, interviewed Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, also known as the minimalists. Ryan and Josh are two young guys from right here in Dayton, Ohio who in 9 months grew their blog to over 100,000 visitors a month. Yes, there really is good news to report right here in Dayton! We discussed […]

The Balance of Quiet and Active Mind for Business Owners

Business Owners responsible for every facet of daily operations are often overwhelmed. There is always something that needs to be done, no-one to delegate tasks to, and the ability to relax becomes impossible with the mind in a constant active state. The rigors of a busy work day in production mode, coupled with business development […]