Taming The Email Monster

Email has gotten out of control. On a typical day for me, I get well over 100 messages. Today, I decided to wait until 3:30 to check email. I had over 200 messages waiting for me and that wasn’t very unusual. Recently, I’ve come up with a system to tame the email monster which I’m […]

DaytonPulse.com Interviews J. Matthew Becker

In this edition of the DaytonPulse.com podcast, we interview J. Matthew Becker from Authentic Excellence. Matt helps mid level managers and those in career transition discover their true potential.  Matt can be reached at www.Authentic-Excellence.com To listen to the podcast, click on the link on the side of this page.

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 10

“Take your eye off the ball is bad advice in sports, but a great metaphor for the biggest barrier to success. When a football player is seeing his end zone celebration before seeing the ball safely in his hands he is likely to see the ball on the ground. “Hearing footsteps” refers to a situation […]

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 9

We all know someone who is annoying because their opinions reflect a pessimistic perspective. They claim to “know” 43 reasons something will not work and posture themselves as the lone voice of reason as they grimace and pound their fists. Even if people like this are right often enough to have credibility, it is convenient […]