Six Important Tips for Doing Business with Family

We see family businesses fail miserably, and we see them achieve extreme success. Doing business with family members might be a good decision or a bad one; each family is different. If you’re considering doing business with your family members, you certainly want to be on the winning side. Family businesses that succeed do so […]

Free Workshop- Be An Exceptional Presenter

Be An Exceptional Presenter! 5 Key Techniques to Sharpen Your Skills – Free Admission! Do you give oral proposals, technical presentations, or briefings? In business, and in life, it’s crucial that your message comes across loud and clear, in a way that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. In this humorous, but highly educational […]

Decluttering Your Mental Clutter

Those voices inside your head won’t be quiet. All you can hear is your boss telling you to have those reports done by Friday or your daughter reminding you that there’s soccer practice this Saturday or a parent’s voice telling you that they’re going to need you to help them drop off their car at the mechanic’s.

How to Keep Using Default Landing Pages on Facebook

I am getting so many questions on the new Timeline changes coming out March 30th that I wanted to address them on here in case anyone else was wondering… It’s almost like mass hysteria with the thought of Default Landing Pages “going away”. Let me clear a few things up. While default tab settings have […]