The Balance of Quiet and Active Mind for Business Owners

Business Owners responsible for every facet of daily operations are often overwhelmed. There is always something that needs to be done, no-one to delegate tasks to, and the ability to relax becomes impossible with the mind in a constant active state. The rigors of a busy work day in production mode, coupled with business development activities, and managing the books can block energy flow, reducing the ability to focus, and sending the body and mind into a state of fatigue.

If you find yourself jumping from task to task, shuffling papers around, not knowing what to tackle next and feeling like you aren’t really accomplishing anything it is time to take a complete break and quiet the mind.

Force yourself to disconnect for a period of 30 minutes from email, conversations, and active media devices. Spend this time completely alone to bring the mind to a quiet, restful state.

Instrumental (no vocals) music is an excellent way to quiet the mind. Stretching the body through simple, slow movements does wonders for the body. If you have access to the outdoors take a walk and reconnect with nature. Concentrate on the wind as it moves through the trees, a flying-V formation of birds, or the clouds as they sweep across the sky.

You’ll return to work with a renewed spirit and sense of calm.

Published by Danielle Deramo

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