You’re invited to the Mr. Leads 40th Birthday Bash with a keynote by Mary Grunder

In November 2012, Carlos Scarpero, AKA Mr. Leads is going to turn 40 years old. To celebrate the momentous occasion, and Miami Valley Toastmasters have collaborated to bring you the networking event of the year. This event will be held on November 20th at a to be determined location. Marty Grunder will be the … Interviews Clayton Hicks

This week’s guest is Clayton Hicks from TBN. Clayton and I have an action packed show for you filled with networking tips. We almost got cut off at the end since my podcast account only allows for 30 minutes! After the show, Clayton mentioned offline that he has his annual Expo coming up on March …

5 Simple Rules to Close more Business when networking

This is an interesting topic because from my perspective, I see them broken so often… Here are 5 Simple Rules to implement into your plan when networking… 1. Follow-up: You may not believe this, but there are some that meet the right professionals, but seem to have amnesia soon as they leave the meeting or …

TBN Unplugged – Pat Hemmings “Jewels by Park Lane”

TBNFounder asked: Clayton Hicks, founder of Tri State Business Network, interviews Pat Hemmings with Jewels by Park Lane about her business. TBN Unplugged is a new show by Tri State Business Network that interviews its members and provides FREE information on Blogging and Networking.