LinkedIn Shows Best Results For Small Business

The Wall Street Journal recently did a poll and surprise, surprise LinkedIn tops the list as the most useful small business social media resource. Not surprisingly, Twitter was at the bottom of the list. So, the message here is LinkedIn is where you NEED to be to get more business. Twitter is, well for Twittering […]

How to Keep Using Default Landing Pages on Facebook

I am getting so many questions on the new Timeline changes coming out March 30th that I wanted to address them on here in case anyone else was wondering… It’s almost like mass hysteria with the thought of Default Landing Pages “going away”. Let me clear a few things up. While default tab settings have […]

Need More Help with LinkedIn? Check out these free tutorials…

Do you need more help with LinkedIn? Here are some really slick tutorials that I found for you from Grovo. It’s a little small. You can make the videos bigger by clicking on the box in the right corner of the tutorial video. By the way, if you really want to take LinkedIn to the […]