The Road to Ocho Rios

The single most meaningful verbal exchange recently, aside from “I Do”, occurred on a 90 minute shuttle ride from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Our driver said there was only 1 thing we needed to know to have the best trip ever; to realize there are only 3 speeds at which ANYTHING happens in Jamaica – Slow, Dead Slow, and Stop.  I smiled as I took in his words.  It was time to Power Down.

Crackberries tucked away in the room safe, the days leading up to our beach wedding and blissful honeymoon could be best described as fluidly tranquil.  All attention was on each other, the natural beauty of the seaside, and pure contentment.

Slow took on a new meaning for me.  It meant time to laugh, time to meet new friends, time for afternoon tea.  Dead Slow meant time to learn more about our surroundings, time to master stand up paddling, time to meander in the sea snorkeling.  Stop meant time to breathe, to think, to savor the spoken vows that my husband and I exchanged at our wedding, to stretch, to lie in savasana on the pier.

Upon return to home, to work, to life I’ve held on to the Slow, Dead Slow, and Stop lesson.  I’ve dropped the frantic pace.  I schedule fewer daily appointments, and schedule them further apart to avoid rushing.  I’m enjoying the new pace.

No worries, No problem.  Thank you Jamaica:)

The Road to Ocho Rios

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