Mr. Leads Power Networking Workshop

Business owners and sales professionals, are you tired of cold calls that go nowhere? Are you frustrated because you can’t get important people to listen to you? Does it seem like you are doing a lot of networking, but not enough referring? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would like to […]

Need More Help with LinkedIn? Check out these free tutorials…

Do you need more help with LinkedIn? Here are some really slick tutorials that I found for you from Grovo. It’s a little small. You can make the videos bigger by clicking on the box in the right corner of the tutorial video. By the way, if you really want to take LinkedIn to the […]

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 10

“Take your eye off the ball is bad advice in sports, but a great metaphor for the biggest barrier to success. When a football player is seeing his end zone celebration before seeing the ball safely in his hands he is likely to see the ball on the ground. “Hearing footsteps” refers to a situation […]

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 8

Pastor Jim Riggle of Ohio, while preaching a powerful message on the consequences of the spiritual choices we make, said that choosing between what is good and what is better can be a hard choice. But, choosing between better and best is even harder. The choice he was referring to was between things of this […]