How to Keep Using Default Landing Pages on Facebook

I am getting so many questions on the new Timeline changes coming out March 30th that I wanted to address them on here in case anyone else was wondering… It’s almost like mass hysteria with the thought of Default Landing Pages “going away”. Let me clear a few things up. While default tab settings have …

Social Proof Your Business!

Have you lately? Social Proof is more important than having a fancy-schmancy website with all the bells and whistles or catchy copy lingo that you paid someone a whole lot of moola to write for you! Consumers look to other consumer’s opinions to make their purchases!

Grow your Profits with List Segmentation

by Alicia Rittenhouse on June 16, 2011 Non-geek Definition : Breaking a list into smaller pieces for the purpose of targeting recipients with specific characteristics or demographics. List segmentation is a proven strategy to use to improve your results and response for your email campaigns.