The Balance of Quiet and Active Mind for Business Owners

Business Owners responsible for every facet of daily operations are often overwhelmed. There is always something that needs to be done, no-one to delegate tasks to, and the ability to relax becomes impossible with the mind in a constant active state. The rigors of a busy work day in production mode, coupled with business development […] Interviews Jamie Suter from Toastmasters

On this show, our guest is Jamie Suter, Area Governor for Toastmasters International. If you are are curious as to what Toastmasters is all about and as to whether or not you should get involved with it, this is one show you will not want to miss. To listen to the podcast archive, simply click […]

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 10

“Take your eye off the ball is bad advice in sports, but a great metaphor for the biggest barrier to success. When a football player is seeing his end zone celebration before seeing the ball safely in his hands he is likely to see the ball on the ground. “Hearing footsteps” refers to a situation […]

How Am I Sabotaging My Future? – Part 9

We all know someone who is annoying because their opinions reflect a pessimistic perspective. They claim to “know” 43 reasons something will not work and posture themselves as the lone voice of reason as they grimace and pound their fists. Even if people like this are right often enough to have credibility, it is convenient […]