Live Podcasts Shouldn’t be Live!

Nothing reduces your brain to jello faster than a live podcast interview.  Unless of course it’s filmed.  In the nude.  Which it wasn’t.

My company is Just Say It!  because that is what I do for a living.  I help businesses achieve their growth goals through providing compelling (and sometimes provocative) content and directing it through appropriate media channels. 

Today I participated in an LIVE interview with Carlos Scarpero, of #daytonpulse fame, on marketing & advertising.  The upside is that I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Carlos, and he did a great job keeping the conversation rolling along.  The downside is that I struggled to just say it.  If at some point curiosity gets the better of you (like it will me) and you log on to  to have a PodFest and I sound totally inarticulate please forgive me.  Blame it on the nerves.   Or my traumatic childhood. 

At least I didn’t have to think about what to wear:)

Live Podcasts Shouldn’t be Live!

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Danielle Deramo uses her passion for marketing & advertising with current and prospective clients. To push through all the rhetoric and get to the real stuff - to Just Say It! She can be reached at

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