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Kate Scarpero, happily NOT accepting Groupons!

Groupon really screwed up…..this time it’s personal!

Update: After a lot of complaining on social media, Groupon finally deleted the listing and ppc ad. Thank you Chris Crum from WebProNews for picking up this story. I’m leaving up this post as a warning to all business owners who are considering dealing with Groupon. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ My wife Kate hates Groupon. I mean really HATES Groupon. You see, she’s…

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A nice badge photo posted by Rick Cartright on Foursquare

Two Perspectives From Yesterday’s TEDx Dayton Event

Yesterday, our community experienced an event like no other when we had our very first TEDx Dayton event. This blog post is the perspective of two attendees out of the 900 that were there, Carlos Scarpero and Danielle Deramo. TEDxDayton –Danielle’s Perspective Where do I begin to convey the enormity of the day and experience? One eloquent from the heart…

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wsj social media survey

LinkedIn Shows Best Results For Small Business

The Wall Street Journal recently did a poll and surprise, surprise LinkedIn tops the list as the most useful small business social media resource. Not surprisingly, Twitter was at the bottom of the list. So, the message here is LinkedIn is where you NEED to be to get more business. Twitter is, well for Twittering away your time, of course!…

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Networking For Life

Ranil Herath asked: Most of us think of networking when we are out of work, looking for a new job, venturing out on our own to build a new business or struggling to keep our own businesses afloat. This perhaps may be the worst time to start networking! Networking is not only about ‘what’s in it for me.’ It is…

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