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Sales Training – The Key to Unlock Self-Motivation

Henry Okwo asked: One could make the argument that self-motivation may well be the most crucial ingredient for sales performance. However evaluating motivation in a sales team is a complex matter. It’s assumed that most sales reps are motivated by money of course and making their quota every month. However one must dig deeper and explore the internal and external…

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Sales Training – What Sets You Apart

Benjamin Harriman asked: Sales training is an important ingredient in succeeding in any business. It enables a company and the individuals who run them to set goals and achieve them fully and on time. A short course in sales is very important regardless of whether you have existing employees or you are dealing with new hires. The course is a…

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Free Report: Making The Internet Work For Your Business

I have a new report for you to download. It’s over 40 pages long and has wisdom in several areas of internet marketing. You are going to love it! Click here to download the free report

Recap of the Mr. Leads Workshop Launch

We had a great time yesterday at the launch of the Mr. Leads Power Networking Workshop. Luckily, Bob Goldberg and Danielle Deramo brought cameras and were taking some pictures of my debut. Thanks again to The Fabulous Linda Lee for the wardrobe consultation. I received a stack of rave reviews after the workshop. Several people even took the next step…

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