5 Simple Rules to Close more Business when networking

This is an interesting topic because from my perspective, I see them broken so often… Here are 5 Simple Rules to implement into your plan when networking… 1. Follow-up: You may not believe this, but there are some that meet the right professionals, but seem to have amnesia soon as they leave the meeting or […]

Are there certain people/businesses that you intentionally try to refer on a consistent basis and why?

Have you been networking for a while now and can’t seem to figure out why you haven’t received any referrals yet? Do you feel a little lost or overwhelmed with the strategic networking model? Are you doing 1:1s, but feel like you are the one that is sharing all of the referrals? It really may […]

TBN To Hold First Annual Business Expo on November 3

WEST CHESTER, OHIO – November 3 – TBN will be holding its 1st Annual Business Expo at Indiana Weslyan University. Have you ever been to an expo that had 2 purposes….Business Development and Job Search education? Or better yet, have you been to a FREE one like this? Well, if you haven’t, you can come […]