An Introduction to Backlinking

Did you know that Google looks at over 200 factors when deciding how to rank a website? While nobody is 100% sure what all the factors are, SEO experts agree that backlinking is one of the most important things you need to do to have good website ranking. So what is backlinking? Backlinking simply means […]

Protecting Your Online Reputation

Recently, I had some problems with a home improvement contractor who made some promises that he can’t keep. It’s gotten to the point where I am about to report it to the BBB and online sources. Right now, we are just threatening him as leverage. However, I have not pulled the trigger on it just […]

How To Select A Web Designer in Dayton Ohio

The Dayton Ohio market presents a lot of choices for your web design needs. You can choose someone with a graphic design background, a programming background, you can attempt to build your own website or you can hire an internet marketer. Let’s look at each option. One route that you can take in choosing a […]