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Jeffrey Gitomer discusses the difference between Drop In Calls and Cold Calls and why the Drop In Call is one of you best tools in the sales process

Published by Carlos Scarpero

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  1. yea, this cameraguy watched to many reality shows, the camera becomes very disrtacting, good advice though

  2. Jeffrey:
    Saw you in Phoenix at the LabCompete conference. Loved your presentation. You make 8 am meetings exciting.
    Peggy McKee
    “the medical sales recruiter”

  3. Aside from the distracting shaky camera work this is a great video. This technique is ideal for developing a relationship with potential new customers in the early stages. I’ve used this “drop in” technique as a follow up to earlier cold calling over the phone. After the initial cold call, it’s effective to follow up the following week with a “drop in”. Just make sure you use your time wisely. Double up & add ‘drop ins’ with your normal scheduled appointments for the day.

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