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TSTN – SuccessCast “True Performance with Zig Ziglar”

SuccessTraining asked:

SuccessCast is an excerpt of TSTN’s dynamic programming. Everyday, our viewers get the key insights and ideas for how to succeed at work, in their families, with their finances, and with their health. Join host Chris Widener as he and Zig have conversations on some of the most important topics that have led Zig to success in all areas of his life. This conversation setting will give you, the viewer, an intimate look into the life of the man who has set the bar for personal development and success.


  1. This Master knows, and I have put it to work so Everyone need not be hindered by money toward their goals for success. To find out about a truly revolutionary NEW business founded on selfless servitude, helping others please review my page. You will be amazed! Every principle here is fulfilled there.


  2. Zig – I’ve listened to you for years — and you continue be real, and offer in depth solutions … what a good life! you must be happy!

  3. Zig is my favorite author of all time. It’s awesome to have a Christian author with ethics tell folks how to sell the right way.

  4. We love Zig and TSTN! Our staff watches TSTN to keep us positive and strong! Sheila Shaw has been living with chronic illness for years and has dedicated her life to help others reclaim their lives in spite of living a with chronic illness. We believe that Zig’s teaching will help patients and caregivers feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally! Sheila’s life is proof of this! She soaks her mind with motivators like Zig and tools like TSTN!

  5. Here is a great website that has a video called Brilliant Compensation. Dr. Charles King from the Univ of IL at chicago, professor of marketing, talking about how multi level marketing is a viable business. ExploreFreedom. com / maxtravelinc

  6. Attaboy Zig!!! I live by the concept that you taught me. You can get anything you want in life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want. Thank you Zig!!! You are one of the reason why I am a Professional Sales Speaker myself. If you want to see a bit of your legecy click on my name.

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