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Reindeer vs. Real Deer

During the holidays, we often like to decorate our homes with Christmas Reindeer, but this can be a dangerous time to watch out for real deer.  Just this week at our office in Bellbrook, Ohio we’ve received 3 calls from clients who’ve had collisions involving deer.  This frightening experience can result in significant damage to your vehicle and even serious injury to yourself and others.

One question often asked is, “Will this count as an accident on my record?”   Fortunately, when you hit a deer…we actually blame it on the deer.  In other words, you didn’t hit the deer . . . the deer hit you!

So a deer accident doesn’t count as a “collision” claim; it counts as a “comprehensive” claim.  That’s good news because comp claims do not cause an increase in your insurance premium.  Plus, you may have a lower deductible for comprehensive damage.  If you have our “Glass” coverage, and your windshield is damaged, your deductible will be even lower.

So be careful – especially when driving on country roads near wooded areas.  Watch out for those real deer – they’re a lot more dangerous than the reindeer!

Reindeer vs. Real Deer

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