How Do I Get Him to Stop Watching that Damn TV?

I am working on creating a minimalist lifestyle for my family, but I have hit a roadblock and hope you can help, especially from the male perspective. In our house we watch TV, always have. I despise the TV because my husband spends so much time watching sports, it’s often used as a babysitter for our kids when I am not home, it costs us money (granted the cable doesn’t cost that much), and most of all it sucks up our time!

What, if any, suggestions do you have to get this time sucker out of my house without causing a war with my husband? He is embracing minimalism, at least in theory, because while we didn’t have tons of stuff, we got rid of lots of junk and he likes the feeling of more space, but I mention his beloved TV and it’s a whole different ballgame.

How Do I Get Him to Stop Watching that Damn TV?

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