Are there certain people/businesses that you intentionally try to refer on a consistent basis and why?

Have you been networking for a while now and can’t seem to figure out why you haven’t received any referrals yet? Do you feel a little lost or overwhelmed with the strategic networking model? Are you doing 1:1s, but feel like you are the one that is sharing all of the referrals? It really may […]

Networking Tips For the College Student

Chi Chi Okezie asked: Networking is becoming increasing popular on the collegiate scene and many students are taking advantage of its valuable benefits. College students are networking at campus social events, volunteer/community activities, lectures, conferences and career fairs. College students can also branch out and start to build social and professional relationships with their business […]

Networking – Not Working?

John Bancroft asked: Bristol Business School says, 70% of business for entrepreneurs comes from direct personal contact – referrals and networking. Individuals and companies have been ‘networking’ for many years and referrals or personal recommendations often stop the competition in their tracks, reduce the sales cycle, and create more opportunities. You may think that you […]