Zig Ziglar Dedication Day

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ZIG ZIGLAR and DEDICATION DAY BIGGEST EVENT IN TOWN SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Whooey—1983-ish Zig Ziglar dedicated our “radio studio” when it was begun as a ‘remote’ (or as visionary school Superintendent Dr. Bobby Depoyster dubbed it, a ‘Satellite Station’). At that time, I taught students radio broadcasting techniques in the old WW2 quansit hut. We used a Martii and Yagi to transmit the audio to radio station KZIG (named after Zig) which in turn picked up our little transmission for rebroadcast. We were ‘on-the-air’ with a hodgepodge of rock, country, Gospel, and easy listening music on LP albums and 45’s for 2 hours every weekday afternoon. I remember the manager at the other end telling me if I put any school board meetings on the air, he’d pull the plug at the drop of a hat. 🙂 SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Also recognizable in the video is Dr. Bobby DePoyster, Nelson Wall, Winston Bryant, Jimmie Lou Fisher, Oddvar Berg, Bobby Floyd, Wallace McDoniel (who was one of the first cameramen in the world, haha), and several of my students (at the time). I filmed many audience shots, so you can see how many folks looked nearly thirty years ago! James Mack Street and the Chaudoin Family also appear in a short segment of them playing ‘There’s A Whole Lot Of People Going Home’ as entertainment for the dedication crowd. This is among the oldest videotapes I have left from the original ‘Radio-TV Department’ in 1982-83. The video package was introduced and closed by one of my students at the

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