Story Based Selling™ – Sales Training Backed By Science!

Humans have used story telling to communicate for thousands of years. Picture this: It’s an unusually warm spring day. Joe can still catch the slightest hint of rain left hanging on the air from the early morning shower. The birds are singing in what almost seems like a perfectly unified song. He’s got an extra spring in his step as he exits the new 2011 Toyota Camry company car that still has that all familiar new car smell. He walks slowly towards the client’s office, taking in all the sounds and smells of spring as he gives his data sheet one last glance to ensure he’s memorized the appropriate information. He catches one last ray on his face from the warm morning sun as he tosses his Starbuck’s coffee cup in the trash can and enters the shade of the entryway. The client’s building is buzzing with people running to and fro trying to catch up from the weekend. The receptionist’s phone is ringing off the hook, blending with all the sounds of a normal Monday routine in a sort of technological symphony. There’s almost electricity in the air. It’s going to be a great sales call, he can feel it. Now, compare that with this: Joe drove to his client’s office. He took the data sheet he thought would impact the sale. He waited in the lobby for his appointment. Quite a different impact, huh?

We actually “hard wire” our brains from childhood to think and speak in story form. Over the past couple of decades, researchers have found significant evidence that communicating in story form enhances engagement, memory and total recall. Recently, a new study from Princeton University found an astonishing phenomenon: When a person tells a story and another person actively listens, their brains actually begin to synchronize. [From Scientific American – Mind and Brain – Of two minds: Listener brain patterns mirror those of the speaker by R. Douglas Fields.] When you take a scientifically proven method of communication and pair it with an engaging cutting edge selling model, you get Story Based Selling™! Regardless of industry, regardless of product or service, when taught properly, this one tool has the power to transform organizations. Whether you’re an Apex client or not, you MUST learn how to incorporate story selling into your company’s future, or be left behind. For more information on Story Based Selling™, click the link below:

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Story Based Selling™ – Sales Training Backed By Science!

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