We had a great time yesterday at the launch of the Mr. Leads Power Networking Workshop. Luckily, Bob Goldberg and Danielle Deramo brought cameras and were taking some pictures of my debut. Thanks again to The Fabulous Linda Lee for the wardrobe consultation.

I received a stack of rave reviews after the workshop. Several people even took the next step and posted the following recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. Thank you for the recommendations! I appreciate it.

I shared several LinkedIn tips and techniques and on several occasions, heard gasps at what I had pulled off and a few “ohhh, that’s how that works” from the crowd.

We also had a lengthy discussion about LinkedIn scams. I told the attendees that there are definitely scammers on LinkedIn these days and we all need to be vigilant. However, social media is too important to ignore. The fact that the scammers are using LinkedIn just proves that it’s here to stay. I also talked at length about the “Hr Manager” scam that I’m seeing lately and discussed some other things I’m finding.

During my research of the scam segment, I ran across this excellent blog post about LinkedIn scams that everyone should read whether you attend my workshop or not.

One section that got several comments and ended up being my favorite section as well was my “never cold call again” segment. I took one member of the audience who is currently cold calling. I asked her who her #1 target is at the moment and she gave me the name of a well known mid-sized Dayton based company. Using LinkedIn, within 2 minutes, I was able to locate the President of that company and showed her several contacts who she could approach for an introduction to the President.

Then, my cold caller said, “well actually, I need to talk to HR instead of the President.” I replied, “no problem.” and then showed her several contacts in HR for that same company along with mutual connections she could tap into to get in to the HR department.

Let me ask you a question. How do you feel when you are cold called? Is it really working in this day and age? Let’s face it. If you can learn to turn a cold call into a warm call, isn’t it worth a few hours of your time to learn how to do so?

What if you could cancel out your entire direct mail campaign or your telemarketing department? How much money could you then devote to more profitable activities?

What if you were able to actually make networking fun and profitable? What if you were able to double or triple your networking results while doing the same amount of networking you are currently doing?

I can show you all of this and more at my workshop. But, only if you attend!

If you missed the training yesterday, now’s you chance to see me in action for yourself. I currently have two days scheduled and those dates are August 13th and August 22nd from 2-5 p.m. at Indiana Wesleyan. Most likely other dates will be added, but I have not yet determined when those dates will be. I have several partners lined up for these workshops and all discount codes still apply.

You can find out more and sign up for the workshop at www.MrLeadsLive.com

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From 2013-2016, Carlos Scarpero ran this blog and the Dayton Pulse networking group. These posts are left up as a historical record but this site is not being actively updated. Carlos has since moved on to a new job as a mortgage loan officer. To connect with Carlos, visit www.Scarpero.com

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