Employees vs. Entrepreneurs

God created two types of people: employees and entrepreneurs. I like to think of them as two different teams. For one to be truly happy, you need to know which team you are on and stick with it. Neither one is superior, just different.

The problem is each one is trying to recruit others to their team. Don’t do it. It never works.

Employees, let your entrepreneur friends and family be entrepreneurs. They will have their “head in the clouds” and do things that make no sense to you. They won’t listen to you when you tell them to “go find a real job.” It’s that way for a reason. They aren’t like you and don’t like being an employee. Learn to accept it. Yes, they may be broke now, but someday they will probably be rich. Let them pursue their dreams. Encourage those dreams. Don’t crush them.

Entrepreneurs, don’t look down on the employee’s love of security and safety. God made them that way. Besides, someone has to answer the phone and handle the details while you are looking at the big picture. Learn to accept it.

Entrepreneurs, if you are in a business where you recruit others, like network marketing, be leery of bringing on employee minded people. They will never last. It’s better to go find entrepreneurs instead.

However, for both employees and entrepreneurs, the “grass looks greener on the other side” when you are experiencing failure. Don’t fall into this trap. If you are truly on the right team, stay there. If you’ve been in a job less than a year and dream of starting a business, then you are probably on the wrong team. If you’ve had a business for less than a year and dream of the security of a job, then you are probably on the wrong team as well.

Employees, never start a business because you can’t find a job. It never works. You will drive yourself crazy. It’s better to get unemployment and build up your skill sets and keep looking for a job. If you are truly unhappy and really feel that you are on the wrong team, then go for it and start the business.

Entrepreneurs, if your business is failing, don’t quit. Reassess and rebuild or start another business. Don’t let employees turn you into something you’re not. It will never make you happy. Don’t let employees crush your dreams. If you do need a job for the short term, don’t stay long. You will never be happy. If you are thinking about getting a job and your business is fairly new (less than a year old), then maybe you are on the wrong team to begin with.

Read these words and live them. Your relations with friends and family and your happiness will be a lot easier.

Published by Carlos Scarpero

From 2013-2016, Carlos Scarpero ran this blog and the Dayton Pulse networking group. These posts are left up as a historical record but this site is not being actively updated. Carlos has since moved on to a new job as a mortgage loan officer. To connect with Carlos, visit www.Scarpero.com

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