The Success Cake

Success is like baking a cake.


It takes the right mix of ingredients and time to cook.


The problem is most people don’t know what kind of cake they are baking.


Or they change the recipe in the middle of baking.


Or they allow others to change their recipe for them.


Or they take it in and out of the oven every 5 minutes and get frustrated it’s not done yet.


Or maybe they have the ingredients in the oven and bake it, but the recipe sucked to begin with. Maybe it’s time to start over with a new recipe.


But once you have the right set of ingredients and give it enough time, you can bake the cake over and over and over.

Published by Carlos Scarpero

From 2013-2016, Carlos Scarpero ran this blog and the Dayton Pulse networking group. These posts are left up as a historical record but this site is not being actively updated. Carlos has since moved on to a new job as a mortgage loan officer. To connect with Carlos, visit

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