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Jim Rohn on How to stay debt free

TheHappinessNetwork asked: Personal development expert Jim Rohn shares his philosophy on staying debt free and becoming financially independent.

Jim Rohn Tribute Video

BetterLifeCoaches asked: Buy Jim Rohn products at

The ABC’s of Professionalism — “Y” is for Youth

DBLUSA asked: Clancy Cross of Development Beyond Learning connects professionalism with engaging children through teaching, mentoring, leading by example, and friendship.

Networking: Strangers, Friendship, and Business Growth

Daniel Sitter asked: You already know that uncomfortable feeling, that knot in your stomach that forms, when you enter a room, a bus, or any other location where only you and a total stranger occupy the formerly quiet space. What do you say? Do you say anything? Do you even dare make eye contact? Do you locate a point exactly…

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