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What if…I lock my keys in my car?


Have you ever locked your keys in your car?  This can be a very frustrating experience – especially if your car is still running!

With some newer vehicles, you may have a safeguard built in to keep this from happening.  But with many automobiles, this is still a problem that can happen all too easily.  It’s such a helpless feeling isn’t it?  You’re standing right there so close to your keys and yet so far away!

This actually happened to me a few months ago in Xenia, Ohio.  Before I realized it, I locked my car door only to discover that my keys were still inside the car.  What was I going to do now?

Fortunately, I was able to call Farmers HelpPoint at 800-435-7764.  (I keep this number in my cell phone for emergencies and I still had my cell phone with me.)  I knew that my auto insurance coverage with Farmers included towing & roadside assistance.  I knew that I was just a phone call away from someone who could help me.  I reported the situation to the friendly person at HelpPoint and within 20 minutes they had someone there to assist me. 

The roadside assistance specialist pulled out a special tool and was able to open my car door in practically no time at all.  I was so relieved!  And the cost for this service was billed directly to Farmers so I had no additional charges to pay.

Does your current auto insurance policy include this kind of service?  If it doesn’t – or you’re not sure- call our office today at 937-848-6840 and we’ll be glad to set it up for you.

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